Client Success Story: Elizabeth

ELAP and LifeWire Serve DV Survivor

Elizabeth discovered ELAP and called for assistance in separating from her abusive husband. Her husband had a pattern of choking her and she feared him because of the guns he kept in the house. She had separated from her husband twice in the past, and this time she decided to seek legal assistance from ELAP.

Elizabeth was given an appointment with a volunteer attorney at our Family Law / Domestic Violence Legal Clinic where she received advice about how to proceed with the separation. She was also offered a consultation with one of ELAP’s DV Staff Attorneys. Because Elizabeth was not ready to deal with her legal issues, (dealing with the underlying abusive situation is often the first step) she was referred to LifeWire (formerly Eastside Domestic Violence Program) for DV advocacy and counseling, and advised that when she was ready to proceed with her legal issue she should call back for an appointment.

Four months later, after receiving substantial support from LifeWire, Elizabeth was ready to move forward with her legal case and she called back for an appointment with one of ELAP’s DV Staff Attorneys. The DV Staff Attorney reviewed the documents Elizabeth had prepared after mediating the separation with her husband, and helped her finalize her document so that she could file for dissolution. Elizabeth expressed extreme gratitude for the assistance she received from ELAP and ELAP is glad that we could assist one more DV survivor to leave an abusive situation.