Client Success Stories

We’re pleased to share with you just a few of the many successes we’ve helped our clients achieve for themselves.

Client Success Story: Robert

Robert called ELAP needing help dealing with a bill that had gone to collections.  He had an operation on his shoulder in  March 2016 and thought he was covered under ACA but when he received a bill from the hospital for $35,000 he was confused.  The hospital told him that they expected him to pay in […]

Client Success Story: Celeste

Celeste has three children. While Celeste and her former husband were still living together, he called her asking her to come home from taking the children to the YWCA. As they discussed separation and divorce, the situation escalated. He began waving a gun around threatening suicide. The children were right inside the home and could have walked into this situation […]

Client Success Story: Elizabeth

ELAP and LifeWire Serve DV Survivor Elizabeth discovered ELAP and called for assistance in separating from her abusive husband. Her husband had a pattern of choking her and she feared him because of the guns he kept in the house. She had separated from her husband twice in the past, and this time she decided […]

Client Success Story: Joshua

A Father Seeks Custody of His Son Joshua called ELAP with a question about how to secure custody of his son, Danny who is living with his step-father. Joshua’s ex-wife, Danny’s mother left her current husband, leaving Danny with him. Joshua does not know his ex-wife’s whereabouts and has no way to contact her. Joshua […]