The Eastside Legal Assistance Program (ELAP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides access to justice through free civil legal aid to low-income residents of East King County Washington and to low-income survivors of domestic violence throughout King County.

Since ELAP opened in 1989, its volunteer attorneys have contributed over 20,000 hours of free legal aid, serving more than 50,000 clients.


  • Gerald Shepherd Kröon, Executive Director
  • Alexandra Comstock, JD, Development Director
  • Esperanza Borboa, Program Director
  • Ali Burton, JD, DVLP Staff Attorney
  • Rochelle Krebs, JD, VOCA DV Staff Attorney
  • Timothy Richards, JD, ELAP DV Staff Attorney at DAWN
  • Dorothy Leggett, JD, DVLP Staff Attorney
  • Ailise Delaney, JD, DVLP Staff Attorney
  • Cynthia Klein, JD, Director of Pro Bono Services
  • Ngoc Nguyen, Operations Director
  • Connie J. Ritchie, Sr. Legal Navigator – King County Courthouse, Seattle
  • Elida Trujillo, Legal Navigator – Maleng Regional Justice Center, Kent
  • Chris Lovings, Community Engagement Manager


  • Dale Schomer, President (Community Volunteer)
  • Marcus Montana, Vice President (Boeing)
  • Dan Menser, Treasurer (T-Mobile USA)
  • Neeta Saran, Secretary (Microsoft)
  • Brandy Andersson (Eastside Family Law)
  • Susan Brye (T-Mobile USA)
  • Courtney Cohen (Avalara)
  • Catherine Gannon (Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro)
  • Judy Jennison (Perkins Coie)
  • Sarah Jordan (Jordan Law)
  • Matt Loftin (Carney Badley Spellman)
  • Tom McDade (T-Mobile USA)
  • Mary Sakaguchi (Sakaguchi & Reese)
  • Emily Schlesinger, Immediate Past-President (Microsoft)
  • Natasha Willson (King County Prosecutor’s Office)
  • Gerald Kroon – ex officio


All people on the Eastside and survivors of domestic violence countywide will have access to justice in the civil legal system.


Eastside Legal Assistance Program (ELAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the legal system more accessible to those most in need by providing free, high quality, civil legal services to low-income residents of East King County, and domestic violence legal aid to residents throughout King County.